44 Centimeters – Postscript

Shortly after we got completely cleaned up from the ice storm another one was predicted, but instead we got four and a half inches of fluffy, wet snow, perfect snowman snow. It fell on a Sunday so Beth got a chance to play with Noah in it and construct their snow-Beth (his idea) after we all took a walk down by the creek. While they worked on it, I nursed June to warm her up from our walk, and then made grilled cheese, soup and hot chocolate for everyone else. Later on, Noah and Beth made oatmeal cookies. I fully expected a snow day on Monday, but we got off with a two-hour delay. That morning before school, Noah and I repaired the melting snow-woman, removing the glasses and giving her long hair made of sticks, turning it into a snow-Steph. Noah sledded a bit and I dragged a beaming June around the yard in circles in the little pink sled. Winter does have its pleasures, but two days later when June and I were on our way to pick Noah up at school, I glanced at the path by the creek and saw a forest of purple crocuses, growing where there had been none the day before. I was so happy I gasped out loud.