Snow Day – Postscript

It turned out that snow day was just the beginning, a warning shot across the bow. Last week we had an ice storm, which led to an early dismissal and three snow days. June was still sick and not sleeping any better. The less said about the week the better, though by the end I wasn’t keeping track or caring how much time Noah spent on the computer. Playing outside was a bit of a challenge due to the slippery ice. Noah fell and cut his chin just walking around the yard and I knocked down a section of our backyard fence in a sledding mishap. Beth took Noah to work one day to get him out of the house. We baked a lot. Noah and I made molasses cookies, triple fudge brownies, carrot cake, and chocolate-peppermint chocolate chip cookies over the course of a week. Over the weekend, Noah and Beth made pancakes and biscuits. We haven’t been able to get the car out of our ice-rink of a driveway for a week so we’ve been making daily trips for groceries on the bus for the past few days. Today is President’s Day and school is supposed to start back up tomorrow, but I’m not believing it until I see Noah get on that bus.