Someplace Glamorous – Postscript

“I think the second ladder is doomed, Noah,” Beth said, shortly after June crushed the recently reconstructed purple drinking straw-fire escape. I was in the bathroom with her, washing super glue off her hands. Noah was agreeable, deciding that any hotel guests fleeing from fire would have to jump off the lower platform.

Noah and Beth have been laboring for three weeks on his model hotel, which he christened Las Aguas. With each completed step, Noah decided it really needed to be fancier. So when Beth found a web site with free dollhouse wallpaper to download, they papered every wall. That was nice, but contrasting borders in each room was fancier. And tile in the bathrooms and wooden ceilings and floors were even better. A shamrock-patterned throw rug in the lobby gave the hotel a nice seasonal touch. The result is half psychedelic dollhouse, half bordello.

Noah made elevator buttons for the working elevator (you pull a tab of balsa wood up and down a slot cut in the side wall of the building) and a sign for the reception desk, indicating prices for a “cuarto peceño” and a “cuarto grande.” Be forewarned, it’s not cheap to stay at Las Aguas. You’ll be shelling out either $350 or $600 a night.

I have a feeling interior decoration would have gone on indefinitely, but it’s due tomorrow and since we didn’t want to risk a bus-ride trip with it and Beth has an early meeting tomorrow morning, she drove him over to school with it today.

Please take an online tour of Las Aguas Hotel!