The First Week in August: A Week in Pictures

I was sick and tired and in the grip of a melancholy I didn’t fully understand this week so I wasn’t up for detailed blogging. You are getting the condensed version of the rest of our week at Oglebay. I’ll throw in some extra pictures to make it up to you.

As predicted, we rode the paddle boats (three times), visited the playground (countless times), played miniature golf (twice), swam several times, roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and picked blueberries at a nearby Ohio farm. We also went to Idlewild amusement park (, which was on the agenda all along, but I’d forgotten. The bubble rocket saw some more action and we saw more deer (many, many more deer, much to the delight of all four kids). I was unable to convince my kids to go on a nature hike with me, so I slipped away yesterday and took a walk in the flower and herb gardens of the park mansion.

We had Chinese takeout with Beth’s dad one night and her mom accompanied us on many of our adventures. The kids had two sleepovers at her house. On Tuesday night Noah stayed with her and on Thursday night both kids did. It was June’s very first night away from us and she did great! At first YaYa suggested one night alone with each kid, but June was alarmed by this plan and asked for Noah to come along, so he did. An added bonus was we had an easier time packing up the cabin on Thursday night and checking out this morning. Today we’re hanging out at YaYa’s house. Tomorrow we’ll drive back home, to weekend chores and work and a business trip for Beth and robot camp for Noah and whatever else the second week of August holds.