And February Was So Long That It Lasted Into March: A Photo Essay

And February was so long that it lasted into March
And found us walking a path alone together.
You stopped and pointed and you said, “That’s a crocus,”
And I said, “What’s a crocus?” and you said, “It’s a flower,”
I tried to remember, but I said, “What’s a flower?”

From “February,” by Dar Williams

So we had this…weather yesterday I don’t even want to talk about, but here are some pictures. Noah measured seven and a half inches on the picnic table out back, the most accumulation we’ve had at once in June’s life. Our crocuses are buried.

Beth took a personal day. Sasha came over at ten and stayed most of the day. Beth took them sledding on the hill behind the hospital. (Noah’s verdict: “Going down that super steep hill really rocked.”) I took an almost two hour walk with June. She alternated riding in her sled and stomping along in her boots and only did a full face plant into the white stuff once. Beth and June were out playing in the yard until well after dark. Hot chocolate and homemade potato-parsnip soup and chocolate chip cookies were made. Noah’s back in school after a two-hour delay this morning. It’s frigid today, 14 degrees right now so I don’t expect much to melt right away.

On Sunday, in anticipation of the storm, Beth bought me some yellow daffodils (my favorite flower) to cheer me up. I’m making spaghetti with asparagus for dinner tonight. Seventeen days until spring…

  • Our snow is all gone, much to Grasshopper’s dismay. He wants it back, especially his little snowman.But When he’s running around in shorts in a few weeks, I don’t think he’ll mind living in the South anymore!Enjoy your daffodils; mine got buried and most hadn’t even bloomed yet… (3/4/09)

  • Mimi

    Your snow day looks fun. But yeah… I am looking forward to spring too! (3/4/09)

  • Tami

    Sounds like things are well with you and your little family.  The snow pictures are really fun, but, I too am looking forward to Spring.  The weatherman has a different idea; telling us we have at least a week’s worth of winter on its way. (3/4/09)

  • Steph

    It’s up to the high thirties this afternoon and sunny and that’s taken care of a surprising amount of it.  It’s supposed to get into the low sixties by Saturday.  I am so ready for that, as long as the basement doesn’t flood. (3/4/09)

  • It’s been in the 70’s here this week, but the forecast for Saturday is 30’s and snow. I don’t expect that the predicted accumulation will stick around for long. We could definitely use the moisture since it’s been so dry this year. (3/5/09)

  • Mom

    You must really be a grown-up now.  I was just telling a friend that when we had a snow storm when you were little we used to go sledding or make a snow man.  Then we would make hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.  I look back fondly on those memories.  By the way, I’m looking forward to spring, too and my favorite flowers are daffodils. (3/5/09)

  • Deb

    What a cute little rug-rat.  Or, should I say snow-rat??  🙂  Brrrr!  Looks mighty cold.  We haven’t been in snow like that in quite a few years.  Not since visiting the grandparents in Ohio.  What fun they are having.  I remember when our girls were tiny and they would stay out in the snow until we pried their frozen fingers out of their gloves.  Happy Happy! (3/6/09)

  • I miss snow days!  June is getting so much older! Sounds like the kids had a great day. The soup sounds great, too. (3/6/09)