Cherry Blossom Baby, Postscript

Noah has called it to my attention that I did not pay him sufficient tribute for his technological assistance at June’s birthday party.

Here are copies of the signs he designed for the areas of the house in which the two games were played:



And here is a movie he shot of the event:

I regret any inconvenience this lack of attribution may have caused.

  • Beth

    The amazing thing about the movie is that it was FINISHED within 5 minutes of the end of the party. He usually obsesses over his movies for months.

    • Noah

       Not exactly–included is the old version that I did finish within 5 minutes, but I made small changes afterwards. Anyway, if this is past Sunday April 8th, Beth has posted the better one. The changes were:

      1. Instead of including part of the sand timer going (beginning) I included a sped up video of the whole thing going

      2. Changed “Time for CLEANUP” to “The pinata made a big mess. Now it’s time to clean it up!” so it would sound less cheesy.

      3. Other minor changes.

  • Sara

    mom reading to a techno beat is one of the most deliciously bizarre things i have seen in a long while