An Out of This World Birthday

I was a little worried before the party started that in an effort to fill sixteen hours, we’d actually planned too many activities. Continue reading

Pi Day

After being busy for all of January and most of February, my work has slowed. If you happen to need a writer, researcher, or editor for short-term projects any time this spring, give me a holler. Continue reading

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle, Pandas!

After a month of twice-weekly practices, their third season began this weekend with a field trip to a high school girls’ basketball game and their own first game. Continue reading

Midway Through Middle School

He’s had a lot going on. There was a band concert last Thursday, he’s been swamped with homework ever since exams ended, and he got braces Tuesday. Continue reading

Home for the Holidays

Because we didn’t travel this year and the kids had almost two weeks off school, we had a long stretch of time at home, but somehow it seemed to go quickly. Continue reading

O, Christmas Tree

I am sad about not seeing my family on Christmas, but there are upsides: no packing, no travel, a more relaxed winter break, and the biggie in June’s eyes–we got a Christmas tree. Continue reading