When the Clock Says Fourteen – Postscript

We spent Memorial Day weekend at my mother and stepfather’s house. They have nicer furniture and carpets than we do and my mom’s already put in her time risking her home décor to toilet train her own kids, so we had June in diapers the whole weekend. The break was such a relief that when we came home, we got a bit lax about underwear. I decided I’d give June the option to choose diapers or underwear at each change. Beth said maybe it would help her feel in control of the process. She did choose underwear sometimes but as the days went by she chose them less often and then I stopped asking her and just put on a diaper unless she requested underwear and then she stopped asking. When I did several days worth of laundry yesterday I was surprised to see June did not have any underwear in the wash at all. So, it’s official. It’s not a potty. It’s a penguin bed.

The break will end soon. Beth and the kids are out running errands right now and a new Max and Ruby DVD that can be viewed only after using the potty is on the list.